Midweek at CMC

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Midweek at CMC groups begin again tomorrow evening, August 15th at 6:30 PM. We are encouraged by the number of Midweek activities that are available for any age group this Fall.


From our preschoolers on up, we will have good programming. Our CMC Kids K-5 will be learning about Jesus' Parables, doing service projects, and having a community event each month. Our students, 6th grade and up will continue to have the exciting Student Gathering that many have become so fond of.


We totally understand that there are many great CMC folks who, because of work and other responsibilities, can't make it to Midweek activities.


However, adults, because of the number of new groups that are offered in your area, if you can help us by signing up below, then hit the "Submit" button, it will be a great help as we continue to prepare. This is certainly NOT a requirement to come to Midweek....at all. We are just simply trying to make sure that we have adequate space, chairs, and everything we need in preparation for a great new Fall at Midweek!


We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow! Also, ladies, don't forget our Monday Ladies Bible Study. There are some ladies for whom this time works out very well and we are proud that this group has been strong for quite a while. 

Check out the seven groups below - 


Adult Midweek Groups Sign Up Form

Please give your name or names and then the insert the number of individuals or family members who are planning to attend each group.

Groups will meet in the Main Auditorium at 6:30 very briefly for prayer, encouragement, and any pertinent announcements, then will be dismissed to your appropriate rooms.


1. Ladies Study & Fellowship Group - Room 310
Led by Carol Duncan, this is a group of ladies who are excited about pursuing Christ and forming bonds of friendship with other ladies. Any lady who has an interest can be involved. They will begin by going through the book "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer.
2. Men Building Men Study Group - Room 312
This group of men, led by Jason Perry, will be diving into the books of Galatians and Ephesians this year. Bring your Bible and be ready for open and informal discussion and teaching. The believe in iron sharpening iron as they learn from the Bible and are helped by each other's experiences. Just come as you are, bring your Bible, with no worries about getting behind. Read along with them or study the chapters ahead.
3. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University - Room 328
Led by Brian Clarke, this nationally popular study teaches individuals and families to better manage their finances. It has changed lives of so many. Since a package of instructional materials is a requirement for participation by the Dave Ramsey organization, there is a cost of $109.00 for a couple or individual. However, CMC is offsetting a portion of that cost and offering a $20 discount. You can buy your materials at the CMC West Lobby for $89.00 after each Sunday morning gathering.
4. Single Moms and Widows Group - 322
Led by Abby Ayers, a widowed mom herself, this is a group for ladies to be encouraged through the trials and successes of these life challenges. This is a place where ladies in these circumstances can share each other's journey.
5. Married Couple's Group - Room 324
A CMC we want to help encourage the development of strong marriages. This group for married couples, led by Ashley McClure, is designed to help and strengthen marriages. They will use the book, "The Mingling of Souls" by Matt Chandler.
6. The Joy Group - Room 314-316
This group, aptly named because it is led by Dwight and Sue Joy, will start off studying "The Anatomy of a Disciple." This is an incredibly fresh, and practical book that identifies 8 elements of Christ's life that should be reflected in ours. This encouraging study doesn't motivate Christians by guilt, but seeks to truly define what a true disciple of Christ is, and to encourage them.
7. Ladies' Monday Bible Study - Room 328
Beginning again on Monday, August 13th, this Monday morning ladies group has been a Monday morning staple for many ladies for a long time. Led by Janice Gray, they will be going through the book, "Discerning The Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer. This Monday group meets a 9:00am in the Main building, room 328.
Here you can submit any additional questions that you might have about any of the above.