The Chestnut Mountain Church has space available for use/rent. The process for requesting any area of Chestnut Mountain Church requires the following steps:

1. Review Facility Rates & Audio/Visual Technician Rates

2. Complete the Facility Request Form Online.

3. Request will be considered by the Chestnut Mountain Church Staff.

4. ALL Saturday events must be completed and building vacated by 4:00PM of that day.

5. Glitter or confetti are not allowed anywhere on campus.

6. If approved, contract will be given to sign and any deposit will be due.

Outside events hosted at Chestnut Mountain Church are subject to the facility rental rates and audio/visual rates. All events at Chestnut Mountain Church must adhere to Chestnut Mountain Church rules and policies regarding facility use and equipment use.

For any questions, please contact

CMC Audio/Visual & Custodial Contract Rates
Facility usage requires certified CMC personel for any AVI needs and custodial services.

Position                                                     Half Day (0-3 hrs)                                                    Full Day (5-8hrs)
Audio Technician                                      $100.00                                                                      $25.00 per hour after 3rd hour
Stage Lighting Technician                       $100.00                                                                      $25.00 per hour after 3rd hour
Video Technician                                      $75.00                                                                        $25.00 per hour after 3rd hour
Custodial Services                                    $75.00                                                                        $25.00 per hour after 3rd hour
Note: These prices reflect the actual event and may not take into account any prep-work or subsequent tear down or reconfiguration of equipment. 

Chestnut Mountain Church Venue Rates 

Venue                                                        Rate
Main Auditorium                                      $500.00 (CMC Members Only: includes 1/2 day Custodial and Audio Technician)
The Chapel                                                $250.00
Kidtagious Klubhouse                             $200.00
Activity Center (Gym Only)                      Pricing will depend on set-up and/or type of use
Cafe 2:46                                                    $200.00

Download CMC Wedding Policies & Procedures

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