Coronavirus Health Update

*UPDATE as of 9.06.2020*

Beginning on Sunday, September 13, our service times will be at 9:00 am and 10:45 am. CMC Kids will now be available at 9:00 am and 10:45 am. CMC Students will be available only at 10:45 am.

During this time, we continue to will implement additional safety protocols and recommendations in our CMC Kids and CMC Students areas to create the safest environment possible for our children, students, leaders, and volunteers. Please read below to see our full list of safety protocols and recommendations we implemented on Sunday, August 2nd when our family ministries reopened and will continue until further notice. 

1. Check-In
CMC Kids and CMC Students will continue to check-in. For CMC Kids, there will be a designated CMC Kids Check-In at the desks in the South Lobby. Children and students must be checked in. CMC Kids areas will open at 10:40 am on Sunday mornings to begin the check-in and screening process. 

2. Screening
Upon check-in, children and students will be screened by being asked two questions: (1) Has your child or anyone in your household been exposed and/or tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks? and (2) Has your child displayed any cold, flu, strep, or COVID-19 symptoms in the past 72 hours?

3. Temperature Checks
There will be temperature checks upon entering these areas.
Unfortunately, if a child/student answers "yes" to at least one of the screening questions and/or has a temperature of at least 100.4° F, we will not be able to allow them to enter into our CMC Kids/CMC Students areas. 

4. Masks
During this time and in these areas, masks or face shields will be strongly encouraged to be worn. Read more about age recommendations regarding face coverings from the CDC.

5. Drop-Off/Pick-Up (CMC Kids)
In CMC Kids areas, there will be designated child drop-off and pick-up locations. When picking up your child(ren), please bring your guardian receipt. We also ask that only one parent/guardian (and no sibilings that are not a part of the specific CMC Kids areas) enter the CMC Kids areas for drop-off and pick-up. 

These added safety protocols and recommendations are being added in an effort for us to create and maintain the safest environment possible for our children, students, leaders, and volunteers. We will continue to monitor updates and recommendations from our authorities and health officials to make any adjustments to these protocols and recommendations as necessary.


CMC Campus Reopening Plan

Please click below to read important details and FAQs about our campus reopening: 

How are we continuing to sanitize our campus during COVID-19?

Our facility team has been working to maintain the sanitation of our CMC campus. Here is a list of what has been done and is scheduled to be completed by next week across our campus:

  • Carpet has been shampooed in Main Auditorium, Klubhouse, and hallways.
  • Over 700 chairs have been sanitized and cleaned. All sofas have been sanitized and cleaned.
  • All doors have been disinfected in classrooms and lobbies.
  • All restrooms have been sanitized.
  • Gym floor has been refinished.
  • All children's items have been sanitized.
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