Sermons by: Even If

Nov 17, 2019

Changing Our Focus

As Habakkuk 3 concludes, we see Habakkuk declaring that he will worship...

Nov 10, 2019

Worthy of Faith

As Habakkuk's prayer continues in Habakkuk 3, we see Habakkuk declaring...

Nov 03, 2019

Praying Differently

As Habakkuk 3 begins, we see that Habakkuk is beginning to see God...

Oct 27, 2019

Check Yes or No

As we continue in Habakkuk 2, we see that God answer Habakkuk as...

Oct 06, 2019

Truly Seeking God

In verses 1-4 of Habakkuk 1, we were able to see the imporance of...

Sep 29, 2019

Being Honest With God

When we start to read Habakkuk's story, we see him begin by complaining...