Our MissioN

Saturate the world with the Good News.


We are found in and established on Christ.


We saturate the world through making disciples of Christ and sending disciples for Christ.

OUR Strategy (3G's)

I will gather for corporate worship on a regular basis.

I will seek community with other believers in a small group.


I will actively participate in saturating our community with the Good News by serving outside our four walls.


I will actively participate in saturating our world with the Good News by praying and going if possible.


I will pursue opportunities to serve with my time and talents in and through Chestnut Mountain Church, using my spiritual gifts for the mission of the church.


I will give generously and consistently to support the church in a manner that reflects the generosity shown to us in the gospel.

 Our Pillars & Our Values

Found in Christ

The Gospel 

The Gospel is our hope.


Organic Worship
Worship is a way of life.

Established on Christ

Surrendered Prayer

Prayer is the greater work.


Authentic Community

Community is what we’re made for.

Making Disciples of Christ

The Word

The Word is our authority. 


Honest Transparency 

Transparency is powerful and effective.


Radical Obedience 

When our obedience collides with God’s power, lives change.

Sending Disciples for Christ

Multigenerational Service

Love first. He did.


Open Hands

Our open hands provide God’s opportunities .



The (C)hurch

Not the brand, but the bride.


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